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2014-08-01 20:21:49 by Universal-Mindz

About my first toon. I know it wasn't funny. IT WASN'T SUPPOSTED TO BE. It was a before in my "before & after" of my cartoons. I wanted to see how much I will learn and develop from now, to waaaaaayyyy into the future. (That's why it's not comedy, it's other.)


Okay so I am not going to be posting for a while, for 2 reasons.

1. I'm getting new equipment in the future

2. I don't really have an isolated place for my voice overs.

So that's it! And to all you haters out there...

LEARN. YOUR. FACTS. (& table manners)


2014-06-29 17:03:45 by Universal-Mindz

I am an animator, a sketch artist, writer, & comic maker. I will be making all kinds of stuff, & posting it here. I will also post some stuff on my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy, & enjoy. If  you don't, I will personally- ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR